Trinity Hall June Event invites you to enter the Metropolis
Step into a city where the lights shine bright and the future is now
Feel the underground parties boom and the skyscrapers loom
This year - for an extra hour - immerse yourself in the city

Wednesday 15th June 2016
9:00 PM - 4:00 AM

Price Categories
Queue Jump  £100
Standard        £90
Limited Second Release Standard Ticket    £100

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There is an optional £2 donation to selected charities

Ticket Release

Trinity Hall
General Release
14:00 Monday 8th February 2016
14:00 Wednesday 10th February 2016

Any enquiries, please email ticketing


Work the Event!

We are looking for motivated individuals to join our team.

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and be part of something special.

Our applications have now closed for 2016

Food & Drink

Are you ready for something different?

Expect to be surprised as you enjoy our selection of food and drink

<fresh urban eats>

<unique custom cocktails>

<mouthwatering sweets>


The June Event is a party, its music lies at its core

Whatever your taste, we guarantee your feet will not stop moving

This year's headliners

Route 94


Anchorsong [Live]

Bradley Zero

Joji Hirota & the Taiko Drummers

Retrospective for Love

Open Deck Soundsystem

Student acts TBA

Afrinspire &
Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre

Half of your charitable proceeds will go to Afrinspire and the Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre. These two are the centralised Cambridge may ball charities. Pooling resources across balls allows your contribution to make a more tangible impact for these two amazing charities, helping to solve issues close to home and aiding those who need it most.

Greenpeace Japan

The other half of charitable proceeds will be donated to Greenpeace Japan, which is working hard on a broad spectrum of important environmental issues. Greenpeace supports communities and rehabilitates the environment ruined by the Fukushima nuclear disaster, as well as holding the Japanese government accountable for irresponsible behaviour and fighting for compensation for displaced families. Greenpeace is also a world-leader in the fight to stop Japan's pernicious and dangerous whaling industry.

Non-Musical Ents
Olivia Lisle
Graphics & Design
Laura Bielinski
Food & Drink
Food & Drink