WEDNESDAY 17th JUNE 2015, 9pm - 3am


Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

On January 14th, 1967, a collective of students, war protestors, poets, musicians, and artists assembled in San Francisco for an event styled ‘The Human Be-In: A Gathering of the Tribes’.

Led by the poet Allen Ginsberg, and to the sound of The Grateful Dead, they began, as one, to preach the message of a new generation: personal empowerment, cultural and political decentralization, and radical liberal political consciousness.

In this moment, the Hippie movement was born.

It would be a movement stretching across the planet, from the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, where the Summer of Love found its roots, to the mud of Woodstock, the cafés of Istanbul, Kabul and Mumbai, and finally into the jungles of Northern Vietnam.

In celebration, we are delighted to invite you all to join us for one night this June. Come, eat, drink, dance, and gaze up in wonder at the Marmalade Skies above.


‘…where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies...’
The Beatles, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

From festival food fit for the revellers of Woodstock to spicy Indian delights, venture on a culinary journey along the hippie trail. Exotic cocktails, straight up liquor or slamming shots: you’ll be spoilt for choice.

’Daddy made whiskey and he made it well, cost two dollars and burned like hell.’
The Grateful Dead, Brown Eyed Women


‘Free your mind and your ass will follow. The kingdom of heaven is within.’
Funkadelic, Free Your Mind and Your Ass will Follow

Over the last three years Trinity Hall have earned a reputation for bringing the hottest acts in the world to May Week. Chase and Status. Nero. Clean Bandit.

This year will be no different.

This year, we bring you music across four unique stages.

Ranging from the freshest dance music to jazz, folk, and rap , with a small dose of cheese thrown in for good measure, there is absolutely no reason not to get down and boogie.

And in association with music blog Hey Man Check My Band, we will be introducing you to the sound of the UK’s finest young musical talent.


‘You will not be able to stay home, brother. You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out…’
Gil Scott-Heron, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

If you’re looking for the childhood pleasures of yesteryear, the strange attractions of the East, or merely to gaze at the flowers that grow so incredibly high, the labyrinthine nooks and crannies of this ancient space will show you the way.


Trinity Hall June Event 2015 is proud to support two fantastic charities, Afrinspire and Student Minds. Please consider adding a £2 donation when you buy your tickets!


Afrinspire supports indigenous development initiatives across East Africa. Working closely with community leaders, we understand the development needs of communities and tailor our support to meet these. Whether through the provision of computers and educational materials, funding for schools and scholarships, helping set up new enterprise schemes, disseminating sustainable agriculture techniques, or financing the construction of water tanks, we work from the grassroots to reduce poverty.

Whatever the project, we believe in lasting development led by local people.


Student Minds is the UK’s student mental health charity. We believe that peer interventions can change the state of student mental health. We deliver research – driven training and support to  equip students to bring about positive change on their campuses through campaigning and facilitating peer support programmes.

Our vision is for all universities and health services to recognise positive mental health as a priority for student success. We want to see students taking action to foster an environment where everyone has the confidence to talk and listen to each other, the skills to support one another and the knowledge to look after their own mental health.


The highest capacity event of May Week, Trinity Hall June Event is well known for its informal, relaxed atmosphere. For many years, this has been the June Event’s crucial appeal for workers and guests alike. The fact that previous workers often apply again in later years is indicative of the Event’s unique appeal. As a worker at the Trinity Hall June Event, you will have the opportunity both to earn some money and to experience the event.



Trinity Hall June Event is proudly supported by BIPB Big Data Consulting.

The Trinity Hall June Event is one of the highest capacity Balls that takes place during Cambridge’s May Week. It also has a growing reputation for putting on the most current and up-and-coming new musical talent.

We are delighted to offer you the chance to publicise your company with a completely unique platform. For more information, please contact our Sponsorship Officer at